Selenium is a tool used for automating web applications. It was developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. It has released four versions each one with new features and better advantages. Selenium is an open source attracting a huge number of testers because of which the selenium testing career is getting vast and competitive. Getting the right course and developing advanced skills are your objective to be able to be part of the testing field.

ITeLearn is one of the largest online tutorial websites that have experienced instructors guiding you through the functioning of Selenium. The courses have been designed to suit beginners and advanced level candidates. The video tutorials are conducted by professional testers with the knack to keep your attention and answer all your questions. The courses also extend to providing interview questions and answers.

This site provides all the necessary written information you need to understand Selenium. The posts vary for beginner and advanced levels. The interview questions and answers on Selenium IDE and WebDriver are also provided on the site. The regular posts will give you a portal to come to read professional articles on Selenium and its regular updates. Upcoming course details are also provided for you to make a quicker and easier decision.