Within a short period of time after its introduction, Selenium has become the most desired test automation tool in the world. Although there are many reasons that have made selenium more popular, the major reasons which have made selenium the best are as follows.

  • Selenium is the free and open source. Hence there is no need to invest on it. Thus, the testing cost can be reduced considerably which helps to reduce product price.
  • Selenium is compatible with different browsers and platforms. Hence more people can use it.
  • Selenium supports many programming languages so that more people can use it.

When you go through these features, you should get a doubt. When selenium is supporting many programming languages, what is the need is for offering courses such as Selenium Training with C#. Selenium Training with java etc.This doubt is a genuine but the question has a relevant explanation to it.

Selenium has become the most widely used test automation tool in the world and hence there is a huge demand for selenium experts. Many professionals working in other domains are shifting to a testing career as it is more challenging and promising. Among them, there are many professionals who are not well versed with any programming language.

It may not be possible for them to learn a language first and then attend the course. It will take a lot of time too. Here, they can learn Selenium testing along with any of the supporting language. In other words, instead of spending time and money on two different courses, they can learn both from a single course.

Selenium testing video tutorials which also deal with any of the programming languages will include the programming language also in the selenium videos in detail. After the introduction to the selenium technology, the trainer will help you in learning the prescribed programming language. Then you can start with the process of testing.

In selenium live project training, which is also a part of the course the trainees will have to use the prescribed programming language while writing test scripts. This will certainly help them to understand the selenium technology as well as the programming language.

Even if you are well versed with any of the programming languages supported by Selenium, there is no harm in learning one more language. Actually, by learning one more programming language, you are doubling your chances for a better job. Hence, these courses can be pursued by those who are familiar with one or more programming languages too.

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