Basic OOPS Concepts in Selenium Webdriver Which You Need To Use - Part 3

In the earlier posts, we had discussed many OOPs concepts and use of OOPs concepts in selenium webdriver. As a part of the course, we will discuss two other important aspects such as one and two-dimensional array in Java and methods in Java.

Java Array

Java Array is a data structure where data of similar types can be stored. However, an only fixed set of elements can be stored in an array. There are advantages and disadvantages for Java array.

Advantages of Java Array

  • The code will be optimized and hence the data can be retrieved or sorted easily.
  • Getting data located at any index position is possible.

Disadvantages of Java Array

  • The only fixed size of elements can be stored in an array and the size will not grow at a run time. However, collection framework can be used to overcome this disadvantage.

Different Types of Java Array

Basically, there are two different types of Java Array, single dimensional array, and multidimensional array. In java tutorials, java array will be taught in detail including syntax to declare an array, Instantiation of an array, Initialization of array and passing of array to Method in java.

Methods in Java

A method in java is a collection of statements that are put together for performing a specific operation. Use of methods in Java has many advantages.

  • Methods are used to make the program more readable and easy to maintain.
  • Methods help to make development and maintenance quicker.
  • Methods are reusable
  • Methods permit separate objects to communicate and distribute the work performed by the program.

In java tutorials, creating method, Method calling, method overloading etc will be taught in detail with many other aspects of methods in java.

This part of the course is most important if you are planning to learn selenium and to switch over to a career in selenium testing. Java is a widely used programming language to write test scripts in selenium and selenium webdriver. Hence, by learning java thoroughly, one can master selenium testing which can give a boost to the career.

The training courses, especially the ones such as selenium testing training with java will help you learn java as well as selenium thoroughly. Selenium live project training offered as a part of the course will help you to gain more practical knowledge and to understand the subject more clearly.

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