Selenium Vs QTP - A Comparison between Selenium and QTP

Selenium and QTP are the most widely used test automation tools in the world. As software applications are enjoying great significance in the day to day life, software testing has gained importance and so also the test automation tools. At this juncture, here is a comparison between the world’s most widely used test automation tools such as Selenium and QTP.

When the demand for both these tools has increased the opportunities for experts in these tools also increased. Many selenium tutorials and QTP tutorials have come up to train the professionals in these tools to meet the ever increasing demand. Details about the tools will be taught in the respective tutorials and here is a comparison.



It is a commercial product from HP and hence you need to pay for the license and the maintenance. It is a bit expensive. It is an open source tool and hence it is free. Nothing has to be paid either for the license or for the maintenance.
It can be used to test web-based applications, desktop applications, and mobile apps. It can be used to test only web based applications.
The tests can be developed only on QTP IDEs Test can be developed in multiple IDEs including Visual Studios, Eclipse, Netbeans etc.
Supports only VBScript Supports multiple programming languages including Java, C#, Python, Ruby and PHP.
Comes with built in Object Repository. Developing and maintenance of Object Repository is quite easy in HP ALM There is no object repository but the objects can be maintained with the help of UI element user extension.
It can be integrated with test management tools such as HP QC. No such tools can be integrated.
All types of dialogue boxes are supported Partial dialogue box support.
Although it supports environments such as Oracle, .Net and SAP, separate license fees should be paid for them. Supports additional plug-ins for including features that are not included in core selenium.
Testing is expensive as the license cost is high Testing is less costly as there is no license fee.
Very good official support is available but needs to renew the license for continued support. No official support being a free tool but there is a vast community is available for extending technical support.
VBScript being the only programming language supported by QTP, the object-oriented approach is challenging. Supports better object-oriented languages such as Java so object oriented approach is comparatively easier.
Highly user-friendly and scripts can be developed faster. Low-level tool with fewer functionalities hence script development will take more time.

More details about the tools can be learned in concerned tutorials. Both selenium videos and QTP videos depict the entire test process using the concerned tools in detail and this will help you to know more details about these two tools and will help you to select the best depending on the real circumstances.

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