Selenium VS QTP - Comparison Between Selenium and QTP

Selenium and QTP are the two names most frequently heard in the software industry. These are the two most widely used test automation tools for testing different software applications. Each has its own pros and cons. There are many online selenium training programs and QTP tutorials to provide training in the corresponding tools. The learners of these courses are increasing day by day. At this juncture, this article examines the differences between the two most widely used test automation tools in the world.

Selenium QTP
It is a free and open source and hence there is no fee for license or maintenance. It is a commercial product there is a fee for license and maintenance.
It can be used only to test web based applications It can be used to test client-server applications as well web based applications.
Tests can be performed in a variety of IDEs Tests can be performed only on QTP IDE
An array of programming languages are supported Only VBScript is supported
No built in object repository but the objects can be managed by element user extension. There is a built in object repository
Cannot be integrated with test management tools Can be integrated with test management tools including QC
Supports dialogue box partially Supports all sort of dialogue boxes
There is no official technical support as it is an open source. Although there is a huge community to support cannot expect timely support always. Official technical support is available from HP but need to renew the license to get continued support.

When you are planning to test an application, the first step is to select the most suitable test automation tool. If you chose the right tool, half the job is done. Since, selenium and QTP are the most widely used test automation tools in the world, most of the time the testers will be confused with these tools when the question of choosing the right tool arises.

Whether it is an online selenium tutorial or QTP testing training program, the pros and cons of both the popular test automation tool will be taught. Moreover, the selenium videos and the QTP videos offered as study materials for the corresponding courses will discuss the advantages of the corresponding tool and when to use it. Besides, there are many articles in different blogs about selenium vs QTP which will give you more information about these tools and will certainly help you to choose the right one.

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