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In the present day world, Java is fast becoming the most widely used programming language and many ambitious persons are learning java to get better career opportunities. Polymorphism is a term that is quite often heard in the discussions about java and you might wonder what is a polymorphism. This article deals with a polymorphism in java.

In nutshell, polymorphism is the capability of an object to take many forms. When a parent class reference is to be used to refer a child class, polymorphism will come into use. All the objects in java that have passed IS-A test are polymorphic. There are two types of polymorphism in Java and polymorphism can be performed by method overloading and overriding.

Runtime Polymorphism

When a call to an override method is resolved at runtime and not at compile time, it is called as runtime polymorphism or Dynamic Method Dispatch. A reference variable of the superclass is used in this method to call an overridden method. The method to be called will be determined based on the object referred by the reference variable.

Example for Runtime Polymorphism in Java

Here, two classes that have been created, Cars and Mercedes. Mercedes class extends cars class and override its run() method. Run method will be called by reference variable of the parent class. As it refers to the subclass objects and the parent class method is being overridden by the subclass method, the subclass method is invoked at runtime.

  1. class Cars{  
  2.  void run(){System.out.println(“running”);}  
  3. }  
  4. class Mercedes extends Cars{  
  5.  void run(){System.out.println(“running safely with 60km”);}  
  7.  public static void main(String args[]){  
  8.    Bike b = new Mercedes();//upcasting  
  10.  }  
  11. }  

Compile time Polymorphism

Unlike in the case of Runtime polymorphism here, the Call to an overridden method is resolved at compile time and not at runtime.

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