Know more about Selenium Video Tutorials - Selenium Tutorials Beginners

Know more about Selenium Video Tutorials - Selenium Tutorials Beginners

At a time when software sector is thriving, the demand for software testers has increased like never before. As manual testing is not capable of handling the requirements of today’s testing, the demand for test automation tools and experts in such tools has increased suddenly.

Selenium gained wide acceptability within a short period time and became the most widely used test automation tool in the world. This increased the demand for selenium experts. As there are good job opportunities, more and more people started opting for selenium testing training courses.

Most of the selenium training tutorials are online courses and when you join any online selenium training course, you will be provided with selenium videos as study material. These videos depict the entire testing process step by step. Trainees can contact trainers through chat to clear their doubts if any. Besides, you will get a lifetime entry to a vast community of selenium experts by joining an online selenium training course. You can use this community also for clearing your doubts and exchange new ideas on the subject.

Towards the end of selenium video tutorials there will be a selenium live project training session. This meant to provide practical experience to the students and help them in understanding the testing processes more clearly.

Basic knowledge of software is necessary to join the selenium video tutorials. If you know any programming languages supported by selenium, there is no need to learn a new language. If you are a non-programmer and do not know any program language, you should learn one of the programming languages supported by selenium. Some trainers are offering courses such as online selenium training with java, aimed at those who are not familiar with any of the programming languages.

Although the syllabi followed by different trainers may differ slightly based on the priorities of the trainer, the core of the course will be one and the same. Most of the professional trainers follow the below-given pattern.

  • Selenium IDE Basics
  • Eclipse, JUnit, Selenium RC, ANT
  • Basics of Core Java and JUnit using Selenium Server (Remote Control)
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-1 with core Java programming and JUnit annotations
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-2
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-1
  • Selenium WebDriver Overview
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-2 using Selenium WebDriver
  • Hybrid Framework using WebDriver
  • AJAX, Dynamic Pages, Window Alerts, Pop-Ups
  • Selenium GRID, TESTNG framework implementation, ANT Build
  • Selenium Database Testing
  • Selenium Interview Preparation and Resume
  • Selenium SVN & Maven
  • Selenium Integration with Jenkins

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