Selenium Grid - Selenium Grid An Overview , Selenium Grid Tutorial

Within a short span of time since its introduction, Selenium has become the most sought after test automation tool in the world. Selenium is a test suite with many components such as Selenium Client API, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC or remote control, Selenium web driver and Selenium grid. There are two versions of selenium grid, Grid I and Grid II. Grid I is the older version and selenium is planning to take it out of the market. Hence, this article discusses Grid II version only.

Selenium grid is the component of selenium suite that allows running multiple tests simultaneously. Usually, selenium grid will be used in two occasions, when the test has to be executed in different browsers or operating systems and when you want to run more tests at the same time to reduce the total time consumption of tests.

Selenium grid basically consists of hub and nodes. Hub is the central point of the grid and there will be only one hub in a grid. You should load the tests into the hub. The hub will run only on one system and it should have Windows 7 as an OS and IE browser. The test will be run in the hub and you can see the browser being automated in the node.

Although the tests are loaded in the hub, the same will be executed in nodes. There can be more than one node in a grid and the nodes can be launched on multiple computers with different OS and browsers. It is not necessary that the machines running the nodes have the same OS as that of the hub.

The first step in using selenium grid is to set up a hub and node. This part is taught extensively in all selenium grid tutorials. When you join a selenium grid tutorial (most of them will be a part of selenium tutorial) you will be provided with selenium videos dealing with selenium grid exclusively. In these videos, everything about selenium grid, right from installing the grid, processes to set up hub and node, execution of tests etc will be depicted step by step. Easy to understand narrations and supporting infographics with examples will help you to learn the subject easily and thoroughly.

In the present scenario, when the software industry is registering consistent growth, the demand for software testers is increasing like never before. This is a good time to join a selenium training program and grab new opportunities in the industry.

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