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Java has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world with many of its attractive features. It is very simple and at the same time powerful too. Programming can be done faster and more effective. JDK or Java Development Kit supports programmers to do their work easier, faster and smoother. Predefined packages in JDK plays an important role in making the use of java simpler.

There are different kinds of predefined packages in java and here is an overview to all of them.

Java.lang: – This is one of the most widely used predefined packages in Java which is mainly used to attain language functionalities. Conversion of string data to fundamental data, displaying the result onto the console, obtaining garbage collector etc falls under language functionalities. Each Java program will import this package by default.

Java.awt: – Developing Graphical Unit Interface or GUI such as scroll boxes, checkboxes, buttons etc is required quite often and this predefined package will help in this direction. This is also known as Abstract Windowing Toolkit. – When you need to develop browser oriented applications and when you want to do it easily and effective, this predefined package in Java will come for your help. – This package is used for developing client service applications.

Java.util: – This package contains different classes and interfaces to improve the overall performance of J2ME applications. This is also called as Collection framework and mainly used for developing reliable applications.

Java.txt: – This package is used for formatting date and time in day to day business operations.

Java.lang.reflect: – This is mainly used to study the runtime information about classes and interfaces. This is really a subpack of lang pack.

Java.sql: – When the data to be retrieved to perform various functions, this predefined package can be used.

As told in the beginning of the article, predefined packages in Java makes java a simple and easy to use programming language. Hence, this topic will be taught in detail in all Java tutorials. Introduction to all predefined packages is an important chapter and the Java training videos discuss this in details with ample examples.

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