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Selenium has emerged as the most widely using test automation tool in the world over a period of time and the demand for selenium experts are increasing like never before. There is a big rush for selenium testing training courses also. At this juncture let us look into the details of selenium testing.

Selenium is used to test web based applications and it cannot be used for testing desktop and mobile applications. Selenium testing is being executed strictly in tune with selenium test life cycle which has five phases and the phases are

Test Planning

The first step in this phase is to collect the application environment details from the development team. The next step is to analyse the application under test in terms of object identification. Recording feature in Selenium IDE can be used in this stage. After analysis the test cases can be selected for automation. Here three different types of tests should be taken into consideration.

  • Tests to be executed on every build
  • Tests to be executed on every modified build
  • Tests to be executed with multiple set of test data.

Finally, the testing framework can be selected.

Generating Basic Tests

In selenium there are two different methods for generating basic tests. When you use Selenium IDE, you can generate the basic tests either using the recording facility or by typing test steps using element locators and selenese commands.

If you are using selenium webdriver, You can do it using element locators and webdriver methods.

Enhancing Test cases

In this phase, there are five different steps and they are;

  1. Inserting verification points using Assert/ Verify commands in selenium IDE and using either Java conditional statements or TestNG assertion methods in Selenium webdriver.
  2. Parameterization by replacing constant values by parameters.
  3. Synchronization
  4. Error Handling
  5. Adding comment

Running and Debugging Tests

This is the phase where the actual testing will be executed. Errors will be found out if any through step by step testing. Debugging is done if necessary.

Analysing Test Results and Reporting Defects

This is the final phase of Selenium Test Life Cycle. Selenium will not provide a detailed test result and the same can be obtained by incorporating selenium with either JUnit or TestNG.

This is the summary of Selenium Test Life Cycle and a tester should follow it strictly to get a desired result.

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