Selenium Tutorials for Beginners

We are living in an age where the technology has advanced to meet almost all our requirements. Once after the IT revolution, the entire world has changed a lot. Computerization of all areas made life easier and smoother and it could help increasing the quality of various products too.

Software development has become a major industry in the last two decades as more and more software in needed to meet new needs. Like any other product, software also should be tested for its quality. In a way testing is more important in software development as even a minor fault may lead to serious problems at the time of application.

Over a period of years, Software testing has become a promising profession and there are many opportunities for those who are experts in testing. Career growth is also more in this sector. In the earlier stages of software development, the testing used to do manually which consumes a lot of time. Similarly the chances for human errors were also more. As the technology advanced, testing has been automated and many testing automation softwares have been launched. When some are free some others are commercial products.


Selenium is one of the most popular testing automation tools which are being used by many testers and test managers across the globe. Selenium is a testing automation suit being used for testing the functionalities of web based applications. It is free and compatible with multiple browsers and multiple operating systems. Hence, it became popular very fast and now majority of testing engineers and managers prefer selenium over any other testing automation tools.

In such a situation, opportunities for those who are well in Selenium has increased and many software personals started taking training in Selenium. This resulted in the mushrooming of many selenium tutorials and courses. Selenium training is even available online.

Selenium tutorials

As mentioned earlier, there are many professionals offering training in Selenium. There are several online Selenium training centers also. Although these Selenium tutorials are mainly aiming at software testing engineers and testing managers even freshers can apply and can learn the technology.

Course Details

Selenium courses are being conducted at various levels and here we are discussing about the one for the beginners. The Selenium training course for beginners will have the following subjects.

  • Selenium Tutorial 1: Write Your First Functional Selenium Test
  • Selenium Tutorial 2: Write Your First Functional Selenium Test of an Ajax application
  • Selenium Tutorial 3: Choosing between Selenium 1 and Selenium 2
  • Selenium Tutorial 4: Install and Configure Selenium RC, Grid
  • Selenium Tutorial 5: Use Record/Playback Tools Instead of Writing Test Code
  • Selenium Tutorial 6: Repurpose Selenium Tests To Be Load and Performance Tests
  • Selenium Tutorial 7: Repurpose Selenium Tests To Be Production Service Monitors
  • Selenium Tutorial 8: Analyze the Selenium Test Logged Results To Identify Functional Issues and Performance Bottlenecks
  • Selenium Tutorial 9: Debugging Selenium Tests
  • Selenium Tutorial 10: Testing Flex/Flash Applications Using Selenium
  • Selenium Tutorial 11: Using Selenium In Agile Software Development Methodology
  • Selenium Tutorial 12: Run Selenium tests from HP Quality Center, HP Test Director, Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo
  • Selenium Tutorial 13: Alternative To Selenium

Although Selenium is compatible with many programming languages, most of the people use java. Major reason for is that the Selenium server is written in java. Hence some professional in Selenium have included a java training also in the Selenium tutorial. However it is optional.

How the Selenium Online tutorials works

One can join in the course through the official website of the trainer. Those who have registered after paying the suggested fee will be provided with Selenium training videos. Besides, the major training institutes are providing facility for live chat to clear any doubts about the subjects. Those who have registered will get access to the experts community too. Here also you can clarify your doubts and can learn more from the experts.

Usually, highly professional institutes will provide you practical sessions on live projects. It is always better to do practical sessions in live projects as the tailor made projects will not give you enough exposure to the real life problems. Hence, you should enquire about the practical session before joining in a course.

Career Prospects for Selenium Experts

Information technology is advancing everyday and it is being adopted in many new areas. That underlines the scope for new software in the future. When the production increases, the need for more quality testers will arise automatically. Selenium, being free and open source, is being prefered by many developers as it will not affect their production cost much. Hence, very good opportunities are waiting for experts in Selenium.

Even if you do not want to make a career in testing and prefer to stick with the development, a knowledge of Selenium will help you to perform the duty more perfectly.

Who can Apply for the Course

Although, the advanced level of Selenium training courses are aiming at manual testers and test managers, the beginner’s course can be attended by anybody with a bit of knowledge in software technology.

You should have proficiency in any of the programming languages supported by Selenium, otherwise you should undergo special training in programming languages too.


Selenium training courses are providing good opportunities for ambitious software personals who are looking forward to make a great career in software sector. The scope will never diminish as the sector is establishing a continuous growth for the last two decades. However, you should be a bit careful about selecting the best training institute. You should check the quality of their study materials and also the quality of other services provided by them. Practical sessions on live project is a must.

Finally, you should take the opinions from any of the past or existing students about the institute before joining in their program. Nowadays, it is not difficult to get the information about the quality of products and services as there are many designated sites for reviews. You will also get the opinion from any related open forums too.

By taking a wise decision today, you can enjoy a better life tomorrow.

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