Selenium Training Tutorial

Selenium, the world’s most preferred test automation tool used for testing web based applications is gaining more and more popularity. There are many attractive features that make Selenium the most preferred tool for developers and test managers.

  • Selenium is the free and open source. Hence there is no need to invest in it and this makes the testing process cheaper. When the product can be tested for a lesser price, the product can be sold for a lesser price, which is an added advantage when the competition is hectic.
  • Selenium is compatible with different platforms including Windows, Linux etc.
  • Selenium is also compatible with multiple browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP etc. can be used in Selenium to write test scripts. Hence, there is no need to learn any specific language if you are comfortable with one of the languages supported by Selenium.
  • Selenium has a technical support of a vast community of experts.

Today we all are living in a world which is experiencing tremendous technological developments. As a part of these developments more and more applications are being developed to meet different needs. When many new areas are being computerized, many new applications are needed. This underlines the demand for software application testers in the present day world. Selenium, being the major tool used for application testing, there are plenty of job opportunities for Selenium experts. This will certainly increase constantly.

Selenium Training Tutorial

When there is a huge demand for Selenium experts, many ambitious people have opted for it and many Selenium experts have come up with Selenium tutorials. Selenium testing training courses online have gained wide acceptance and popularity.

In order to cater the need of different people, various courses have been designed by experts. For example, courses such as Selenium Testing training with Java, Selenium Testing training with C# etc. have been designed to cater the needs of students who are not familiar with any programming language. Here in this course, they can learn the concerned programming language along with Selenium technology.

Similarly, Selenium testing training for beginners, Advanced Selenium testing training course etc. have been designed to cover different levels of this technology. Selenium live project training is a part of any course. In this part, all the trainees will work on Selenium live projects along with experts from different parts of the world. This will help them to learn the subject more clearly and will also provide them practical experience.

As Selenium testing career is experiencing a steady growth, many new opportunities will be available in the future. According to many HR experts, it is the right time to pursue Selenium Testing Training.

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