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IT sector has become the fastest growing sector in the present day world and within the sector, software industries are registering a continuous growth. The consistent growth ensures a bright future for software developers and testers.

As in the case of many other areas, technology is developing a lot in the software sector also and has replaced manual testing with test automation. Many new test automation tools have been invented to execute different types of testings and out of these, selenium has earned wide acceptance across the world within a short span of time.

Selenium is a testing suite with different components and the latest component to get added to the suite is selenium webdriver. It represents the most advanced selenium technology and hence, selenium webdriver training is very important for those who are planning a career in software testing.

In order to create more professionals in selenium, many experts have introduced several types of selenium tutorials. Selenium webdriver tutorials are gaining popularity because it covers the most advanced technology. Although online selenium webdriver training programs are aimed at those who are already working as selenium testers, even freshers can enrol for the course as it deals with basics too.

When you join an online selenium webdriver training course, you will be provided with selenium webdriver videos as a major part of the study material.These videos depicts the subject in detail with the help of supporting infographics and relevant examples. These videos are professionally designed to help the students to learn the subject without the help of a third person. As videos are the major study material, these courses are also known as selenium webdriver video tutorials.

Selenium webdriver interview questions or simply Selenium interview questions is another form of study material in which the entire subject will be covered in a question and answer format. This form of study material will help the students when they appear for an interview. This can also be used as a referral book for the future. As the questions and answers will be organised in the same order as different processes of testing being carried out, it will be easy for the students to find a solution. The answer is easily available than looking it up on the videos.

Towards the end of the course there will be a selenium webdriver live project training or simply selenium live project training. This session of the training program is aimed at providing practical experience to the students. In this session, all the students will be working with the trainer and a team of selenium experts as a team. They may come across many practical difficulties and other issues while working on live project. By overcoming these difficulties and solving the issues with the help of experts they can learn the subject in depth.

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