Selenium Webdriver Python Tutorial - More about Selenium Webdriver Python Tutorial

Selenium does not need an introduction in today’s world. Software applications have made living easier and Selenium is the most widely used test automation tool for testing web based applications. Selenium has become more powerful with the addition of selenium webdriver to the suite. Selenium has many advantages over other test automation tools.

  • Selenium is free and open source
  • It is compatible with multiple platforms and browsers
  • It supports most of the programming languages.
  • It is highly user friendly and easy to learn
  • It is faster than many commercial tools including QTP

Although, selenium supports many programming languages, many trainers offer courses such as Selenium webdriver Python tutorials. Many people might have wondered about the necessity of such courses. Thee reason for such courses is that it helps non-programmers, who do not have any programming knowledge can also learn selenium and to work with. Then there are other reasons also which differ depending on the language taught along with selenium.

As we have taken selenium with Python courses, let us discuss about it. Python is a popular programming language and it has many advantages over other popular languages.

  • Many third party modules are present in Python so that it can interact with other programming languages effectively.
  • Extensive support libraries are available in Python.
  • It is free and open source. There is vast community who extend technical support.
  • It is highly user friendly and easy to learn.
  • Productivity and speed is relatively high.

With these advantages, if you use Python as the programming language, working with selenium will be much more easier. Those who are not familiar with any of the programming languages can learn Python easily and those who are comfortable with other programming languages supported by selenium can learn a new language by joining this course, which will certainly help them to grab many new opportunities.

Usually when you join a selenium course, you will be provided with selenium videos as study material. In selenium with Python course, the videos will include lessons on Python too. Detailed narrations in simple language and the relevant examples will help the students learn without the help of third persons. Professional trainers provide chat facility for the students to communicate with them. This will give a feeling of learning from an in-class course.

Similarly, the selenium live project training is offered towards the end of the training course will include selenium and Python practicals. This will help the students to learn selenium technology as well as Python programming language in depth.

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