The demand for selenium training courses is increasing consistently as it ensures a good career. When the ultimate purpose of education is get a good job, seekers for such courses which ensure good future have increased. Luckily, there are many selenium experts who have come up with selenium training courses to cater to the needs of the increasing demand.

Selenium supports many program languages and if you are comfortable in any such programming languages, you do not need to learn a new programming language. However, many trainers are offering courses such as selenium training with Java, selenium training with C# etc to help those who are not well versed with any of the programming languages. Among these courses, selenium training with Java has more interested people. There are several advantages of learning java with selenium.

  • It is easy to work with Java when you are using selenium webdriver to execute tests.
  • Selenium webdriver is written in java and knowledge of java will help you to understand the webdriver better.
  • More than 80% of the selenium experts are using java to write test scripts in selenium and hence, you will not experience difficulty in getting technical support.

When you join an online selenium testing training program which offers special training in any program languages, the languages will be taught in detail. You can learn the language more clearly during the selenium live project session which is a part of selenium tutorial.

Selenium Training with java / C3 course details.

As you are aware, the major part of the study material offered in any selenium training course will be selenium videos. This will cover the corresponding language if they are provided as a part of selenium tutorial which offers a training in any of the programming languages. Given below is the course content of courses offered by most of the professional trainers.

  • Selenium IDE Basics
  • Eclipse, JUnit, Selenium RC, ANT
  • Basics of Core Java and JUnit using Selenium Server (Remote Control)
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-1 with core Java programming and JUnit annotations
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-2
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-1
  • Selenium WebDriver Overview
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-2 using Selenium WebDriver
  • Hybrid Framework using WebDriver
  • AJAX, Dynamic Pages, Window Alerts, Pop-Ups
  • Selenium GRID, TESTNG framework implementation, ANT Build
  • Selenium Database Testing
  • Selenium Interview Preparation and Resume
  • Selenium SVN and Maven
  • Selenium Integration with Jenkins

As mentioned earlier, many trainers are offering selenium training courses and hence there will be a minor changes in the course content and structure. This depends purely on the priorities of the trainer. However, the core of the course will remain and the same.

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